June 3, 2016

Supply Chain Management

RCS Logistics provides unparalleled expertise and a global infrastructure to help clients manage their supply chain. We leverage our worldwide logistics capability to provide on-time, secure transportation solutions.

We help you simplify your supply chain by managing all of your logistics needs from point of origin to destination.

Our dedicated IT and operational management team help maximize efficiencies and profits through a global supply chain that features customized solutions including state-of-the-art EDI and a multi-system interface.

RCS’s in-house EDI system, known as Gemini, gives our clients a competitive edge by streamlining their supply chain and online tracking of inventory and delivery status throughout the process. Our Gemini system manages a broad range of electronic documents including purchase orders, bill of lading forms, invoices, inventory lists, ASN information, manifests and up-to-the-minute schedules that ensure our clients effective and on-time management of vendor performance.

Our suite of online tracking and reporting services can interface with a range of in-house PO management systems as well as third party systems such as Lognet, GT Nexus, E2Open and Tradebeam.

Our full range of supply chain management services includes:

  • Expedited inland pick-up and delivery
  • Company-owned CFS locations domestically
  • Multiple charter flights weekly from Asia with 24-hour transit times
  • Document preparation
  • Door-to-door and airport-to-airport service
  • Special cargo handling and insurance
  • EDI tools for managing documents and reducing supply chain timeframes and costs

We offer premium service with 24/7 availability and work with clients to determine the best transportation options to maximize your resources and synchronize supply with demand.