An integral part of RCS’ business model is our commitment to operate in ways that enhance society and the environment. The elements below form the foundation of our CSR policy.

Environmental Impact

Our most significant environmental impact is the greenhouse gas emissions generated though global product shipments. To address our contribution to global emissions, we work diligently to improve the efficiency of our own operations. Examples include converting most cargo handling equipment to electric from propane and other traditional fuels, working with our facility provider (ProLogis) to install LED lighting at all stations, and assisting with installation of skylights and solar panels.

We also have a formal Sustainability mission, first established in 2016. We are active members of several industry-based associations, and keep a watchful eye on developments in alternative fuels and conveyance efficiency, as they apply to aircraft, steamship, rail, and truck. Along with our customers, we aim to support those carriers that share our ambitious goals in this area.

Ethical Responsibility

RCS is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fair dealing. RCS does not knowingly support any public or private organization which espouses discriminatory policies or practices.

RCS expects all of its employees to perform their work with honesty, truthfulness and integrity, and to comply with all applicable laws. Each employee is held accountable for strict observance of our Code of Conduct. Copy available upon request.


RCS has long tradition of supporting a wide variety of causes as an engaged partner with its constituents and their communities. We personally participate when possible and have consistently maintained our financial support of those that we have historically contributed to, including Building Homes for Heroes (part of the Wounded Warrior campaign), The A&F Challenge, Bouncin Buckeyes, Susan G. Komen, and Carter’s charities. In addition, we donate any funds received from our various recycling efforts.

We have also redoubled our efforts in terms of volunteerism within our ranks. The Company allows each employee to take up to (5) paid days off per year to support worthwhile causes, and have created “Volunteerism Ambassadors” within each station, whose mission is to seek organizations in need of volunteer services, even if those services can (only) be done virtually.

RCS believes in the ability of our people to make a difference, especially if given the time and support to do so.

Financial Responsibility

RCS is invested in the communities in which it operates and maintains an excellent reputation in its local business communities. Moreover, we manage our finances in a professional and socially-conscience fashion.

In the vast majority of our transactions, we are entrusted with funds received from clients that are for the most part owed to third parties; primarily freight carriers and governmental agencies of all kinds.

Prior to payment, we take every precaution that costs charged by any third party are considered to be fair compensation for the services rendered, based on a variety of market conditions and other factors.