UPDATE – We have been informed by our offices in India that the situation remains the same from the previous week. We have been informed by the airlines that, due to the current space situation, rates will increase substantially and will continue to do so until mid-April.

To follow on our current situation out of India please read our previous update below.


To Our Valued Customers,

We have been informed by our offices in India that overall space has become critical. The majority of hubs are experiencing tremendous backlogs, which in turn, are affecting overall transit times. Most airlines are currently no longer accepting regular bookings and are only accepting express bookings at higher rates.

As of right now, reports show that the average transit time with air carriers that are accepting regular bookings are between 2-7 days, while express transit times are estimated to be between 1-3 days. Air carriers are indicating that the situation shows no sign of letting up and are estimating that it will take 3-4 weeks before the situation can return to normal.

We, at RCS, understand the importance of the on-time delivery of your cargo and will work to minimize the impact on our customers’ supply chain to the best of our ability. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and strongly suggest that you contact your RCS representative for any urgent shipments or for additional details on this situation.

Thank you for your understanding,

RCS Marketing Team