RCS Logistics is committed to developing and maintaining a sustainable transport and logistics system that addresses the environmental and energy footprint of our freight distribution. As a leading global provider of freight forwarding, we consistently strive to conserve natural resources and increase eco-efficiency while reducing waste. We believe it is possible to reduce the impact of our transportation carbon footprint, while also increasing our customers’ efficiency and lowering costs.

Operating with less environmental impact means modernizing modes of transportation and exploring strategies to increase efficiency. Our sustainability achievements are highlighted in our annual sustainability report and include:

  • Partnering with airlines that use newer, more fuel-efficient engines.
  • Work with trucking companies to encourage implementation of more fuel-efficient fleets.
  • Use of paperless invoicing and transmission.
  • Conversion to LED lighting in offices and CFS locations.
  • Installation of motion sensors to automatically control lighting during off-peak hours.

Our reports are found below: