RCS Logistics is committed to developing and maintaining a sustainable transport and logistics system that looks for ways to reduce the environmental and energy footprint of our freight distribution. As a leading global provider of freight forwarding, we consistently strive to conserve natural resources and increase eco-efficiency while reducing waste. We believe it is possible to reduce the impact of our transportation carbon footprint, while also increasing our customers’ efficiency and lowering costs.

Transporting with less impact on the environment means modernizing modes of transportation and exploring strategies to increase fuel efficiency and become greener. To that end, we have developed a partnership with Shell Fuel to enhance fuel efficiency through participation in the FuelSave program. The FuelSave program is a new fuel management solution for commercial transportation fleets that helps reduce fuel costs, consumption and CO2 emissions while improving fuel efficiency by up to 10%.

We are also looking at ways to partner with our existing clients, such as those who manufacture solar panels, to upgrade our facilities with cutting-edge environmental technologies. For example, in the Netherlands, our Rhenus Amsterdam CFS is one of the most sustainable buildings in all of Europe, utilizing a variety of environmental technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. Our goal is to eventually feature the use of solar panels on all of our CFS facilities worldwide.

Additional sustainability efforts include:

  • Seeking partnerships with airlines that use newer, more fuel-efficient engines.
  • Seeking partnerships with trucking companies that utilize fuel-efficient fleets.
  • Installation of solar panels in CFS facilities.
  • Recycling waste paper, plastic, and aluminum in RCS offices and warehouses.
  • Ensuring that all pallets are recycled rather than sent to landfills.
  • Use of paperless invoicing and transmission.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Use of recycled toner.
  • Conversion to energy-efficient T-8 bulbs in RCS offices.
  • Heating/cooling/lighting system automatically adjusted during off-peak hours to conserve energy.

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